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一年一度的夏日盛事The Fair at PNE將於8/16正式展開,除了好吃的美食與好玩的活動之外,精彩的表演也是今年的看點之一。今年加拿大中文電台將會在活動中贊助Jigu! Thunder Drum of China 擊鼓的世界級演出!

This year The Fair at PNE will be starting on 8/16, as always there will be lots of great activities happening at this huge summer event! This year Fairchild Radio is proud to sponsor Jigu! Thunder Drum of China's preformance, this is a world class show that you can not afford to miss!

加拿大中文電台榮譽贊助 - Jigu 擊鼓 @ The Fair at PNE

Jigu! Thunder Drum of China 擊鼓的演出曾在獲得輿論的好評,也曾經參與了2008北京奧運的演出,更獲得了無數的世界級大獎。本次在The Fair at PNE的演出,肯定也是本地喜歡藝術演出的朋友不能錯過的表演!

Jigu! Thunder Drum of China 擊鼓本次在The Fair at PNE的演出時間為:

8/16-8/24 - 每天兩場,分別為下午三點半與晚上七點半



加拿大中文電台榮譽贊助 - Jigu 擊鼓 @ The Fair at PNE

Jigu! Thunder Drum of China has won numerous awards including the 1992 Chinese Folk Competitions for Percussion and Drums Performers, and they were the Gold Medalists at the 2004 National Star Awards in China, given for excellence in their fields of drumming and percussive performance. They also won Gold Medals at the National Star Awards competition in 1992, 2000 and 2001.This year at The Fair at PNE, they will be playing from August 16 to August 24 at 3:30pm & 7:30pm,(no shows on August 18 & 25) be sure to plan your day at The Fair at PNE ahead so you don't miss out this great preformance!