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New Way to Save 秒殺大特價 - 新之美月餅半價


Your NEW way to SAVE is here on Fairchild Radio!  You can save a lot more than you expect if you stay tuned on our special promotion.  Deal of the day: St. Germain Bakery. Terms and conditions as follows.

優惠詳情 Terms and conditions:

* 索取優惠密碼請在指定時間內致電 604-295-1234,逾時無效

* 致電時請提供姓氏及電話號碼,換領時須核對上述資料

* 致電時亦請準備紙和筆,本台將在電話中提供優惠密碼。

* 優惠產品數量有限,先到先得,售完即止

* 加拿大中文電台將保存參加者資料作限時優惠之用,所有資料絕對保密,並於活動完成後銷毁。

* 憑優惠密碼即可半價購買任何種類之新之美盒庄月餅現貨

* 密碼只能在新之美時代坊分店使用,在其他分店無效

* 每人限購月餅一盒,優惠密碼限用一次,並不得與其他優惠同時使用

* 密碼有效期:2014 年 8 月 31 日

* 商品細節及銷售詳情以銷售商之決定為準,本台概不負責

* Please call 604-295-1234 within the specified time period to receive the promo code.

* You will be asked to provide your last name and phone number when you call.  The same information will be verified when you use the promo code.

* We will give you a promo code when you call. Please prepare pen and paper to write it down.

* Product quantities are limited, first come first serve and while quantities last.

* Fairchild Radio will retain the callers’ information for the purpose of coordinating the Limited Time Offer.  All information shall be kept confidential and destroyed when the function is completed. 

* With a valid promo code you can purchase any type of St. Germain boxed mooncakes available in the store.

* The promo code can only be used at St. Germain’s Aberdeen Centre location.

* Each person can only purchase one box of mooncakes.  The promo code can only be used once and cannot be combined with other special offers.

* Promo code expiration date: August 31, 2014.

* Merchant is solely responsible for the products and the sales, Fairchild Radio will not be held responsible.