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Winter Warm Wave 送暖有禮 再籌 3,196 磅



作為暖流大使的 2011 Sunshine Boyz and GirlzLittle Sunshine,亦為善不甘後人,一整個下午都忙於整理衣物,計算重量,並送出 Shake Shake 暖袋給善長。



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Winter Warm Wave 送暖有禮 再籌 3,196 磅 Winter Warm Wave 送暖有禮 再籌 3,196 磅

On December 18, Fairchild Radio once again set up the "Give the Gift of Warmth Collection Booth" to collect used clothing items for the Salvation Army.  In less than four hours, 3,196 pounds of clothes and blankets were collected, breaking all the previous records.

"Give the Gift of Warmth" is a side event of Fairchild Radio's annual charity campaign Winter Warm Wave.  Since the Salvation Army closed its only thrift store in Richmond last year due to high rent, many donors living in this neighborhood found it inconvenient to take their donations to another city.  Fairchild Radio, which is located at Aberdeen Centre of Richmond, stepped up the plate and offered its location and its manpower to accept clothing donations on two Sundays. 

Winter Warm Wave 送暖有禮 再籌 3,196 磅 Winter Warm Wave 送暖有禮 再籌 3,196 磅

For the entire afternoon, the booth was packed with donors bringing in bags of clothes, blankets, books and other household items. The 2011 Sunshine Boyz and Girlz and the Little Sunshine worked almost non-stop in greeting donors, accepting and weighting donations and rewarding each donor with a souvenir - this year a pair of pocket warmers.

On average, each donor brought in about 15 pounds of clothes, but some people came with truckloads of clothes that required assistance from our Sunshine Boyz to move them to the booth. With all the generous donations from our kind listeners, the Nov 27 record of 2,031 pounds was broken midday. Then within two hours, the total weight reached an astonishing 3,196 pounds, making the day the biggest success ever.

Winter Warm Wave 送暖有禮 再籌 3,196 磅 Winter Warm Wave 送暖有禮 再籌 3,196 磅

From now till January 2, 2012, the Winter Warm Wave campaign continues and clothing donations are accepted at Salvation Army Thrift Stores and designated Winter Warm Wave Collection Bins in various districts.

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