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Anthony Lam 贏 4 張 Science World 入場券玩「鏡子迷宮」!

2019-04-28 (星期日)

加拿大中文電台在 4 月 25 日至 27 日於本台網頁和手機 app 舉行有獎遊戲,遊戲的問題是:「視頻內 Reijen 要用尺量 Cathy 的臉,並說她臉上的哪個部位會有黃金比例?」答案是:「C. 耳朵」。

經抽獎後,由聽眾 Anthony Lam 贏得 4 張 Science World 成人入場券,價值 $110Anthony 除了能親自走進鏡子迷宮,感受被無數鏡子包圍而要找尋出路的神秘感和刺激感,還可以自由參觀數學展及 Science World 其他固定展品,帶同家人朋友前往欣賞,一定相當有趣。

即使你今次沒有中獎,也推薦大家到溫哥華科學館(Science World)參觀「鏡子迷宮 - 大自然中的數學」展覽(A Mirror Maze - Numbers In Nature),更多這個展覽的介紹,請觀看以下視頻。

Congratulations to Anthony Lam! From Apr 25 to 27, we asked a question for the lucky draw game and the question was, "In the video Reijen tries to measure Cathy's face with a ruler and said a part of her face may have the Golden Ratio. Which part of Cathy's face is he talkng about?" The correct answer is "C. Ears".

Many people has selected the correct answer and Anthony Lam was picked as the winner via a lucky draw. he has won four (4) Adult General Admission Tickets to Science World to see its feature exhibition "A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature", a total value of $110.  

「鏡子迷宮 - 大自然中的數學」展覽(A Mirror Maze - Numbers In Nature) 

日期:現在起至 2019 年 9 月 3 日

地點:Science World at TELUS World of Science,1455 Quebec Street,Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7



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