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FM961 Transmitter site maintenance 發射塔維修通告

2018-07-27 (星期五)

本週末 28、29 日 凌晨 12am – 4am,由於本台 FM961 發射塔進行工程維修,節目訊號有可能受到干擾或短暫中斷,特此致歉。

假如閣下未能以收音機清晰接收 FM961 的廣播訊號,請以網頁Fairchild Radio App 收聽,因為網上直播將不受影響,不便之處,敬請原諒。

Due to maintenance work at FM961's transmitter site, radio broadcast from 12am to 4am on July 28 and 29 may be disrupted temporarily, but website and app would not be affect.  If you have difficulty listening to FM961 on radio, please listen to the live broadcast on this website or via Fairchild Radio app. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

FM961 Transmitter site maintenance 發射塔維修通告