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加拿大救世軍籌募經費的「寒衣送暖流」於星期一 ( 1 月 4 日) 完滿結束。經過 6 星期的籌集,並得到各方善心人士的慷慨解囊和鼎力支持,2015 年「寒衣送暖流」的總重量高達 48 噸,相比起去年的成績高出 1 噸。加拿大中文電台謹此衷心向聽眾及善長說聲「多謝」。加拿大救世軍把收集到的衣物先分類,洗滌乾淨後再送予大溫露宿者。

2015 Winter Warm Wave 寒衣送暖流總重量 48 噸

"2015 Winter Warm Wave Clothing Drive" comes to an end. Thank you for your generous support in the past 6 weeks.  Today, Fairchild Radio President George Lee (left) along with The Salvation Army Terminal Manager NRO Western Region Dan Kinsey (right) and Operations Manager Thoa Nguyen (centre) officially announced the total weight of "2015 Winter Warm Wave" is 48 tons, which breaks last year's record. The Salvation Army will sort the clothing and deliver bags of donations to assist those experiencing homelessness.  If you still have unwanted clothes at home and would like to donate, please bring them to your nearest The Salvation Army Thrift Stor (thriftstore.ca/british-columbia/locations).

今天加拿大中文電台總裁李方(左)向加拿大救世軍 Terminal Manager NRO Western Region Dan Kinsey(右)及 Operations Manager Thoa Nguyen (中) 宣佈今年「寒衣送暖流」的總重量,而 Dan 則送上致謝狀以多謝加拿大中文電台過去 20 年來對加拿大救世軍的支持,以及對社區的關懷。

加拿大救世軍的 Dan 和 Thoa 提及近年大溫寒衣收集箱的失竊案嚴重,有不法市民爬入收集箱內或者破壞鐵箱以盜取衣物,倘若你家中仍有多餘衣物打算捐贈予加拿大救世軍,可帶到附近的加拿大救世軍二手店 (thriftstore.ca/british-columbia/locations)

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