贏 4 張 Capilano 吊橋公園入場券欣賞聖誕燈 [已完結]

贏 4 張 Capilano 吊橋公園入場券欣賞聖誕燈 [已完結]

遊戲經已結束,多謝你的參與。 遊戲的問題:「Capilano Suspension Bridge Park 的聖誕燈飾展,英文名是甚麼?」正確答案是 B:「Canyon Lights, A Winter Festival」。

The game has ended. Thank you for your participation. Question of the Game, "What is the English name of the Christmas Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park?" The answer is B: "Canyon Lights, A Winter Festival".

得獎者 Winner: Kenneth Suen 778-xxx-5906.


加拿大中文電台 2018 聖誕大獎第三擊!由 12 月 18 日至 20 日,只要能在以下的 3 項選擇中選出正確答案,即有機會參加抽獎,贏取 Capilano Suspension Bridge Park 成人入場券 4 張(有效期至 2019 年 1 月 27 日),飽覽吊橋美景之餘還能欣賞瑰麗的聖誕燈飾展,獎品價值超過 $185!電台網頁在 12 月 18 日有一篇文章專題介紹了這項活動,而答案就在其中。你亦可瀏覽官方網頁 了解詳情。

遊戲截止日期: 12 月 20 日 (11:59pm @ PST);每個 IP 地址只能投票一次,新時代集團員工及其家屬不能參加。

答案將於 12 月 21 日公佈;得獎者將獲個別通知,而得獎名單將由 12 月 21 日起在本文刊出,歡迎大家前往電台網頁及手機 app「Online Games」欄目中的「贏 4 張 Capilano 吊橋公園入場券欣賞聖誕燈」一文,查看有否中獎,中獎的朋友可致電 604-295-1234 查詢領獎詳情。

問題:Capilano Suspension Bridge Park 的聖誕燈飾展,英文名是甚麼?

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From Dec 18 to Dec 20, if you can select the correct answer from the following 3 choices, you will have a chance to win Four (4) Adult Admission Tickets to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park to see their beautiful Christmas lights (tickets valid until Jan 27, 2019), a total value of $185. Fairchild Radio has published a Hot Topic article on Dec 18 and the answer can be found there, or you can log on to https://www.cap to learn more information about the event.

Game Deadline: Dec 20, 2018 (11:59pm @ PST). Maximum one vote per IP address. Fairchild Group staff and their immediate family members are not qualified to enter.

Answer will be announced on Dec 21. Winner will be notified individually. You are also welcome to check this article starting Dec 21 by visiting our web / app's "Online Games" category and see if you are the lucky winner. If you are, you can contact us at 604-295-1234 to arrange prize redemption details.

What is the name of Capilano Suspension Bridge Park's Christmas lights in English?

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A. Bridge Lights, A Holiday Special

B. Canyon Lights, A Winter Festival

C. Park Lights, A Christmas Story

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