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「Cloverdale 牛仔節及鄉村嘉年華」送大獎 [已完結]

「Cloverdale 牛仔節及鄉村嘉年華」送大獎 [已完結]

恭喜 Patrick Wong (778-801-XXXX) 贏得「Cloverdale 牛仔節及鄉村嘉年華」有獎遊戲的大獎,獨得價值 $545 的獎品,得獎者將獲個別通知領獎事宜。

Congratulations to Patrick Wong for winning the grand prize of "Cloverdale Rodeo & Country Fair" Online Game. The winner will be notified individually.

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「Cloverdale 牛仔節及鄉村嘉年華」有獎遊戲已結束,多謝你的參與。正確答案是:羊。得獎者名單即將公佈。

The game has ended. Thank you for your participation. The correct answer is: Sheep. Name of the winner will be announced here shortly.

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「Cloverdale Rodeo & Country Fair」(Cloverdale 牛仔節及鄉村嘉年華)將於 5 月 18 至 21 日在素里的 Cloverdale 舉行,在電台網頁 5 月 7 日 Hot Topics 的文章中,有介紹其中多姿多采的表演和活動。問題:視頻中有一項小騎士的騎術表演,他們所騎的動物是甚麼?

The 2018 Cloverdale Rodeo & Country Fair will take place in Cloverdale, Surrey from May 18 to 21. On our May 7 Hot Topics article, many fun events and exciting performances were listed, and on the embedded video, there is even a performance for little riders to show off their rodeo skills. Question: What animal did these little riders ride on?

答對的朋友,將有機會參加大抽獎,贏取以下獎品。If you can guess the correct answer, you can enter a lucky draw to win a prize pack that contains the following:

- Cactus Club Cafe gift card $25
- Lordco Auto Parts gift card $25
- Wrangler Jeans and Shirt $100
- Resistol Cowboy Hat $125
- Noble Outfitters Canada gift card $200
- Two Cloverdale Rodeo & Country Fair general admission tickets $20
- Two Cloverdale Rodeo Performance tickets $50

遊戲截止日期 Game deadline:May 11, 2018 11:59pm

得獎者數目 Number of winner:1

答案將於 5 月 12 日公佈。Answer will be announced on May 12.

得獎者將獲個別通知,而得獎名單將由 5 月 12 日起在本文刊出,歡迎大家前往電台網頁及手機 app「Online Games」欄目中的「Cloverdale 牛仔節及鄉村嘉年華送大獎」一文,查看有否中獎,中獎的朋友可致電 604-295-1234 查詢領獎詳情。

Winner will be notified individually. You are also welcome to check this article starting May 12 by visiting our web / app's "Online Games" category and see if you are the lucky winner. If you are, you can contact us at 604-295-1234 to arrange prize redemption details.

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