POLL 民意調查

BC 省選制度改革公投 你會投票嗎?[已完結]

BC 省選制度改革公投  你會投票嗎?[已完結]

BC 省選民將陸續收到由 Elections BC 寄出的有關選舉制度的全省公投選票和說明。Elections BC 要求選民在選票上作出選擇:採用現行的「領先者當選制」抑或改為「比例代表制」作為未來的選舉制度。投票以郵寄方式進行,Elections BC 須在 11 月 30 日下午 4:30pm 前收回選票,逾時作廢。對今次的的 BC 省選舉制度改革公投,你會投票嗎?

British Columbians have an opportunity to decide whether B.C. should keep its current voting system (First-Past-the-Post) or move to a system of Proportional Representation. Qualified voters will receive their voting packages from Elections BC to vote in the referendum. Are you going to vote and return the ballot before the deadline 4:30pm on November 30, 2018?

民意調查截止日期 Poll Deadline: October 31, 2018.

1. Yes, I will vote 我會投票


2. No, I will not vote (cannot tell the difference between the systems) 我不會投票 (不明白制度的分別)


3. No, I will not vote (too much trouble) 我不會投票 (太麻煩)


4. No, I will not vote (none of my business) 我不會投票 (並不關心)


5. No, I will not vote (other reasons) 我不會投票 (其他原因)


6. Undecided 未決定