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$500,000 Raised Nationally by Fairchild Group for COVID-19 Relief

2020-03-06 (星期五)

With a long tradition of spearheading fundraising efforts and supporting community events, Fairchild Group raised a total of $400,000 nationally during the Better Together fundraising initiative on February 22 through the donations hotline, online and on site contributions.

新時代集團於 2 月 22 日「齊心會更美」抗疫全國籌款日,透過全國電話熱線、現場募捐及網上捐款,共籌得善款 40 萬元,資助購置醫療物資作防疫及抗疫,攜手努力對抗新冠肺炎。全球善心人於 2 月 22 日籌款日結束後繼續透過網上捐獻、郵寄或特意前來新時代電視加拿大中文電台送交支票,令善款數字節節攀升;同時,新時代集團旗下零售店,包括新之美餅店洪師父台灣牛肉麵OOMOMO 日本生活百貨館日本極級糖果店 J.sweets 亦一同響應,捐出期間部分營業額,及後新時代集團加碼至整數 50 萬元,惠澤社群。善款將透過加拿大紅十字會,為前線醫護人員購置醫療物資作防疫及抗疫之用。

$500,000 Raised Nationally by Fairchild Group for COVID-19 Relief

The spirit of philanthropy continued to flourish with non-stop donations online, cheques drop-offs at Fairchild Television and Fairchild Radio the past week. In addition, various Fairchild retail operations including Saint Germain Bakery, Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle, Oomomo Japanese Living, and J.sweets generously donated part of their sales revenues to the pool. Today, Fairchild Group is delighted to announce its effort to top up the total amount to a phenomenal $500,000 to benefit more people impacted by COVID-19. The amount from this nation-wide event organized by Fairchild Group in collaboration with Canadian Red Cross will be used to fund the purchase of protective equipment and medical supplies to contain the outbreak, treat patients, and protect frontline workers.

$500,000 Raised Nationally by Fairchild Group for COVID-19 Relief  $500,000 Raised Nationally by Fairchild Group for COVID-19 Relief

On the February 22 Better Together Fundraising Day, numerous celebrities, renowned artistes from Asia and local community leaders all came together to show their support and encouragements. Apart from rotating their appeals on air, Fairchild Television, Talentvision and Fairchild Radio invited medical specialists to Public Forum on AM1470 and the Health Talk at Aberdeen Centre to examine symptoms of COVID-19 and provide precautionary tips on the contagious disease while compassionate mall visitors translated their generosity into action and made a donation at the Canadian Red Cross Fairchild Group Better Together booth. Meanwhile, the 1-min health tips were aired hourly on Fairchild Radio in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary to educate listeners on how to equip themselves with skills to combat the epidemic.

$500,000 Raised Nationally by Fairchild Group for COVID-19 Relief  $500,000 Raised Nationally by Fairchild Group for COVID-19 Relief

Better Together, an inspirational song written by Fairchild Radio Toronto DJ Ting Pong Chan, shows the comradeship among those who would lend a helping hand. Performed by DJ’s and program hosts from Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, the 2 versions of the song and MV’s are now featured on the official websites and various social media platforms of Fairchild Television and Fairchild Radio.

Canada West version

Canada East version

Fairchild Group would like to express our appreciation for the support from the public. We are honoured to take the lead in calling upon our community to give to such a worthy cause. The $500,000 raised will go a long way in helping those affected by the outbreak. Every one of you is truly instrumental in making the campaign an exceptional success.

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