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Global Soundscapes 2022

2022/05/19 (Thursday)


June 9-12 at The Cultch

June 9-12, 2022


The Historic Theatre at The Cultch

Info and Tickets: https://vi-co.org/

Ticket prices: $30-$40 for June 9 (#1) and June 10 (#2) concerts;

$30-$50 for June 11 (#3) and June 12 (#4) concerts


The Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra’s annual Global Soundscapes Festival returns live and in- person for 2022, presenting a rich feast of sound and rhythm, celebrating the intersection of traditional sounds and instruments from all over the world with contemporary classical music by Canadian composers.


Over four nights, the festival presents concerts featuring outstanding local musicians and acclaimed national and international artists and groups. The first two nights spotlight the double bill of the Vancouver Erhu Quartet and 88 Strings (June 9), and Montreal’s innovative Ensemble Paramirabo (June 10). Featured international guest artist Ramiz Guliyev - a virtuoso on the Azerbaijani tar - makes his first-ever appearance in British Columbia with the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra under the baton of his son, renowned conductor Ayyub Guliyev (June 11). Ramiz Guliyev also performs June 12 in an intimate concert of traditional Azerbaijani music.

Mr. Guliyev’s performances in Vancouver offer a unique and fleeting opportunity to witness the talent of a towering figure in Azerbaijani culture, and in Middle Eastern music more generally. All concerts are at the Historic Theatre at The Cultch. (see brief bio info on festival artists below)



https://vi-co.org/ | https://vi-co.org/global-soundscapes-festival-2022/


Thursday June 9, 2022 | 8 pm

The festival’s opening night is an intercultural double bill featuring two extraordinary new Vancouver-based chamber ensembles.


Created in 2020, the Vancouver Erhu Quartet explores the sonic possibilities from combining the erhu (Chinese violin) with western strings.

88 Strings mixes traditional Chinese, Persian and Western plucked instruments, specializing in new musical inventions and adventures written or arranged specifically for the group.


Friday June 10, 2022 | 8 pm

Direct from Montreal:  Ensemble Paramirabo!

The intrepid and dedicated members of Ensemble Paramirabo come together as a single voice to perform contemporary music, showcase emerging Canadian composers, and expand the boundaries of the traditional concert experience.


Saturday June 11, 2022 | 8 pm

The Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO)

with Ramiz Guliyev (tar) and Ayyub Guliyev (guest conductor)

VICO is excited to welcome master musicians Ramiz Guliyev and Ayyub Guliyev to Vancouver for the first time, and to share the stage with them in this concert full of adventurous music that transcends borders and centuries. The concert features three world premieres.


Sunday June 12, 2022 | 3 pm

Ramiz Guliyev & Friends

Visiting virtuoso Ramiz Guliyev (tar) performs an intimate chamber programme of traditional Azerbaijani music. Mr. Guliyev is revered not only as an incandescent performer on the Azerbaijani tar (and described by a French critic in Liberation as “the Paganini of the East”), but also as an educator and ambassador for Azerbaijani music. His depth and knowledge, experience and understanding make him essentially a one-person repository for an entire national tradition.



Tickets are on sale now for Global Soundscapes 2022 at https://vi-co.org/