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A Message from FMG 來自新時代傳媒集團的訊息

2020-04-30 (星期四)

新時代傳媒集團暨旗下服務全國的新時代電視城市電視加拿大中文電台娛樂生活雜誌,過去 30 年一直本著專業態度,竭誠為加國的多元族裔提供優質服務,即使面對新冠病毒大流行這個全球災難性的衝擊,我們依然緊守崗位,努力盡心為大家傳遞各式資訊。不幸的是,這場世紀浩劫帶來的民生和經濟問題,讓我們不能倖免受到重擊,只能精簡人手,並將在近期調整節目,冀以重組後的架構面對這個充滿變數的時代;我們不得不然的決定和改變,誠心請您諒解並繼續支持。  



Fairchild Media Group, including its subsidiaries Fairchild TelevisionTalentvision, Fairchild Radio and Popular Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine across Canada, has been providing top quality service to the multicultural communities in Canada for almost 30 years. Throughout the catastrophic challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we stay on the frontline and continue to provide news and information to our multi-media audience nationwide. Unfortunately, the pandemic together with the social and economic damage it has created are having profound effects on all aspects of life, and our sector of business has been hit especially hard. As a result, we have found it necessary to restructure our human resources and programming so that we can continue operating and offering the best services possible to our audience in this fast-changing environment. We humbly ask for your understanding and support in this situation.  

Last but not least, we wish you and your loved ones well during this difficult time.