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Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra Music for Solstice (Solace)

2020/12/10 (Thursday)

The Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra has a new series of filmed performances in celebration of the Winter Solstice. The videos, filmed at Deep Cove Shaw Theatre, feature small ensembles and soloists playing repertoire that spans cultures, centuries and continents. The series will go live on the VICO’s website and YouTube channel on December 20 and 21.

In signature VICO fashion, ancient musical cultures are woven together with contemporary classical forms; the programme includes traditional Persian and Chinese music alongside new compositions by participants in the VICO’s annual Sounds Global Composers’ Workshop (held earlier this year). Also on the bill: works by Mark Armanini, John Oliver, Willy Miles-Grenzberg, Farshid Samandari, and Elliot Weisgarber.


  • Diba Ensemble with tenor Jamal Kurdistani
  • An intercultural chamber quartet composed of John Oliver (guitar), Ali Razmi (tar), Dai-Lin Hsieh (zheng), and Joy Yeh (harp)
  • Cloud Bell EnsembleYun Song (erhu) & Geling Jiang (sanxian)
  • Liam Hockley (clarinet)
  • Singer/songwriter Willy Miles-Grenzberg

Videos, along with artist biographies and programme notes, will be available at http://www.vi-co.org from December 20, 2020.