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Shebi Arus - Rumi Ceremony

2018/12/12 (Wednesday)

The Vancouver Rumi Society



Music, poetry and Sema, the Mevlevi whirling ceremony

Inspired by Rumi

Monday, December 17th at 7:30pm

Chapel of the Epiphany

6030 Chancellor Blvd. UBC


For over 700 years the Mevlevi, or whirling dervishes, have remembered the passing of Mvlana Jalaluddin Rumi in theceremony of Shibi Arus, or wedding night. On that night, December 17th 1273, the final bonds of separation dissolved and Rumi entered into union with the Divine Beloved. 

Rumi's influence has continued through his masterwork the Masnavi, his mystical poetry and through the Mevlevi dervish order, one of the major Sufi orders. 

In this evening's ceremony, little changes from its original form, the dervishes turn in the tradiotional tall Mevlevi sikkes and flowig skirts, or tennures, that open like flowers as they whirl. 

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