Eduardo Olivares

Program Name:
Latino Soy
Country of origin:
Latin America
Languages Spoken:
Spanish, English
Favorite Type of Music:
Traditional and Contemporary Folk & Andean Ballads; Top 40s POP Latin; Tropical
A Bit About My Background:
Eduardo hails from Chile and has been in the Communications – Broadcasting scene since his early 20s. Arrived in Canada in 1978, Eduardo continues today his long-life passion of communicating through radio in his daily program LatinoSoy accompanied by a loyal team of collaborators . LatinoSoy is aimed at integrating a diverse and rapidly growing and evolving Latinamerican community made up of many countries; 22 in general, that settled in Vancouver and surrounding area for more than 40 years ago. LatinoSoy, the name of the program translated from Spanish, means and reinforces proudly “I am Latino”. The program features the richness and diversity that exists in Latin American music and highlights extraordinary people in the Latin community including individuals involved in the arts, culture, sports and education. Accompanied by news, interviews, political analysis, sports, and current community events, LatinoSoy airs from 11am to 1pm Mondays to Fridays.
What I Like About Radio:
Radio should be dedicated in some form or another to helping one’s communities and their people. Radio for me is about information, education, culture and fun, in that order.
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