SQ23 「我最喜愛歌曲」票選 People's Choice Award [已完結]

票選經已結束,多謝你的參與。由 #1 風鈴 (曲: 張繼源 | 詞: 盒子先生) 以高票數成為 SQ23 「我最喜愛歌曲」。 The voting has ended. Thank you for your participation. #1 Wind Chime won the title of SQ23 "People's Choice Award".

票選的得獎者 Winner: Gary 778-xxx-2514。

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入圍 SQ23 的參賽歌曲經已選出,以下 6 首歌當中,你最喜歡哪一首呢? 投選「我最喜愛歌曲」的網民,將有機會贏取由加拿大芝寶靈芝送出的 $100 靈芝產品,而最高票數的歌曲將獲得「我最喜愛歌曲」的殊榮。

Please pick your favourite SQ23 entry song from the list below. Everyone who participates in the voting will enter to win a deluxe gift pack, valued at $100, sponsored by G-Way Health Centre". The song with the highest votes will bring home the be the title of "People's Choice Award”.

得獎人數 Number of Winner: 1

票選截止日期 Voting Deadline: May 23, 2019.

查看票選結果及得獎名單 Voting Result and Winner Announcement:
票選結果及得獎名單於 5 月 24 日舉行的 SQ22 決賽夜揭盅。請於 5 月 25 日起,瀏覽電台網頁 及 APP「VOTE」欄目中的「SQ23 - 我最喜愛歌曲票選」。得獎者將獲個別通知,亦可致電 604-295-1234 查詢領獎詳情。
Starting from May 25, voting result and winner will be announced on Fairchild Radio's website and APP, in the "VOTE" category's "SQ23 - People's Choice Award". Winner will be notified individually or the winner can contact Fairchild Radio at 604-295-1234 to arrange prize redemption.

每個 IP 地址只能投票一次,新時代集團員工及其家屬不能參加。Only one vote per IP address. Fairchild Group staff and their immediate family members are not qualified to enter.

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#1 風鈴 Wind Chime (曲: 張繼源 | 詞: 盒子先生)
#1 風鈴 Wind Chime (曲: 張繼源 | 詞: 盒子先生)AudioVideo
#2 還給我 Bring Him Back (曲: 張延卓 / Joshua Eastman | 詞: 張延卓)
#2 還給我 Bring Him Back (曲: 張延卓 / Joshua Eastman | 詞: 張延卓)AudioVideo
#3 陪伴 Accompany (曲: 友深 | 詞: 蘇兒 / 何鑫 )
#3 陪伴 Accompany (曲: 友深 | 詞: 蘇兒 / 何鑫 )AudioVideo
#4 差一秒 A Second To You (曲/詞:  詹正平)
#4 差一秒 A Second To You (曲/詞: 詹正平)AudioVideo
#5 下次再愛 Love You Again (曲/詞:  朱證霖)
#5 下次再愛 Love You Again (曲/詞: 朱證霖)AudioVideo
#6 Chance (曲: 溫建文 | 詞: 黃敏晴)
#6 Chance (曲: 溫建文 | 詞: 黃敏晴)AudioVideo