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Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival 三個來自亞洲的舞台劇

A culture revolution in regional theatre is going to be played out on the stage during the Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival starting from Aug 15-24 at Gateway Pacific Theatre, Richmond. The three world-class productions from Hong Kong will be presented to the Richmond stage and act as a bridge to the Asian community. Fairchild Group proudly sponsors the Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival which is the first time held in Canada.


《打轉教室》 Detention,  Aug 15 - 17, 2014 主舞台 MainStage
無對白的動作喜劇 Non Verbal Physical Comedy
鄧樹榮戲劇工作室製作 Produced by Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio

Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival 三個來自亞洲的舞台劇 Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival 三個來自亞洲的舞台劇

這是一齣適合一家大小觀看的無對白動作喜劇 , 融合了雜技,武術和打擊樂元素的喜劇作品。正所謂無聲勝有聲,亦完全沒有言語溝通的障礙,憑著一班精湛的喜劇演員、鼓手、踢踏舞者、功夫大師及戲曲演員,也可以把那種獨一無二的經典香港式幽默表達給現場的觀眾,並發揮得淋漓盡致。

Detention is a non-verbal comedy with martial arts and physical actions.  It is also a creative drama that combines dancing, Chinese Kung Fu and percussion with a classic humor in Hong Kong style, performed by a group of professional comedians, drummers and tap dancers. Without any language barriers, Detention is suitable for all audience.

《小島芸香》The Isle,  Aug 20 - 22, 2014 黑盒劇場 Studio
如詩般的愛情劇 A love story with poetic grace
進劇場製作 Produced by Theatre du Pif

Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival 三個來自亞洲的舞台劇 Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival 三個來自亞洲的舞台劇

這齣由香港著名劇作家潘惠森所創作,對至死不渝的愛情作出考驗,內容講述一對男女在孤島上相遇, 把他們的過去和現在重疊過來,直到最後 ,究竟要是獨自留下還是一起離去呢? 二人面對這抉擇的同時, 也是互相考驗對方的意志,互相較量,劇情的處理手法幽默,結局雖使人感動,但又帶來傷感。

The Isle is written by Paul Poon, a leading Hong Kong playwright.  The story depicts a lovers encounters each other on a remote island where their past and present overlap. Until the two question one another whether they leave the island or stay alone, they hardly face a difficult decision with all their promises. Their struggle and inmost feelings is the centre of the drama that Poon wants to express to audience.  It is a dramatic play with humorous and touching plots.


《赤室解禁》 The Fire of Desire,  Aug 22 – 24, 2014 主舞台 MainStage
焦媛實驗劇團有限公司製作 Produced by Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre
根據作家阿圖爾•施尼茨勒 筆下的 《赤室解禁》 改編而成Based on 《Reigen》 by Arthur Schnitzler

Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival 三個來自亞洲的舞台劇 Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival 三個來自亞洲的舞台劇

這齣出自於1900年經典劇作《赤室解禁》REIGEN 的戲劇,把背景轉化成現今的香港,由兩名演員分別飾演五個男角色和五個女角色 ,在十個不同的場景下,演繹各個人物在愛情、婚姻及性生活中的各種挫敗和各異的觀點。 警告: 本作品內含成年內容,並不適合任何年齡人士觀看。

The Fire of Desire is based on the classic 1900 play《Reigen》. Its background of the drama is transformed into the present of Hong Kong. It depicts five men and five women (played by the same two actors) that explore their frustrations and perspectives on love, marriage and sex respectively in ten different scenes.  Warning: It may not be suitable for audience of all ages.